Visit The Mind Museum at Taguig – Develop Your Child’s Interest In Science

Posted on Mar 14 2014 - 1:23am by tweenselmom

    What do you think  can be a better way to start learning about your own child’s interest than through science? After all, we all experience science the moment we wake up till we go to bed, or even while we are still asleep. The younger your child is, the better to start with them about the wonders of science – “the study of physical and natural” (wiki). Who knows, your child will become the our first Filipino scientist to come to space 🙂

    Regardless of those heavenly dreams, jump starting your child’s little mind by engaging with interactive activities in science will definitely help you have a peek on what your child’s future career. Arts, Engineering and Medicine are all interconnected through Science.

    To cut it all short, I am very proud to endorse The Mind Museum as your must-visit this summer. With our short-but-memorable visit inside the museum, I couldn’t help but be all-praised with its creators and to top that, be proud to know that they were all Filipinos! Pinoy yata to! Let me give you some of the highlights of our visit through some snapshots. I made up my titles according to my memory 🙂

    Aedi The Talking Robot


    Aedi (read it backwards and you’ll get an idea) welcomes you at the entrance and gives a short introduction of the museum.

    The Famous Dinosaur

    DinosaurSeeing this was a dream come true for my kids and nephew. We’ve watched Jurassic Park before and it was amazing to see a gigantic display of one of the most prominent characters from the movie. I remember too that one of my favorite animated movies when I was young is Land Before Time, a dinosaur’s journey to a safer land, which kind of made me nostalgic.

    The Headache Cave

    headacheA colorful passage which gives you an optical illusion that everything around is going in circle, thus the headache:-) My senior in-laws closed their eyes while they passed through we all couldn’t help but laugh.

    The Stellar Moon


    An interactive moon where children can push buttons to see and learn the different phases of moon. (Check out the video where my daughter recites the phases of the moon while pushing the buttons, pardon my voice, naexcite lang ang mommy 🙂

    The Cave Men


    The Cavemen at the back were busy ogling at the women in front, sino daw ang may mas mapulang lipstick 🙂

    The Shadow Box

    shadowKids will enjoy taking photos of their shadows! Imagine posing and then leaving behind your shadows, unique!

    The Scanner

    scannerPut anything through the scanner and you’ll see what’s inside them, in colors 🙂

    The National Geographic Channel Pod

    Geo podWithin this pod is a comfortable space where you can watch National Geographic Channel science movies!

    The Mind Museum Is For The Whole Family

    familyYes, it’s one museum that everyone in the family will enjoy coming to, not only your children. Even senior citizens will love the whole place.

    Interactive Museum

    flyMost of the displays can be touched and examined or even played with by children. Downside to this is that kids tend to take so much time with them but it can be easily solved with a whole-day pass.

    Colors All Around

    colorsThe Mind Museum has been very generous when it comes to colors. I think I never seen any place in the Philippines with much color within it than this place. Because of that, you will also have lots of opportunities to take memorable pictures so bring extra memory cards for your camera.

    Summer Promo

    Our visit to The Mind Museum was so short since we were there at the last hour of the day. But mind you we got all a hundred plus photos. What more if we get a whole day pass 🙂 This coming March 16, 2014, The Mind Museum is celebrating it’s 2nd Anniversary and as a treat to everyone, they are offering a discounted price of P450 all-day pass tickets from March 16-May 31 from the original price of P750.00. Click photo below to get to Mind Museum and order your tickets. As my nephew Charles always shouts out, Amazing!



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