Win 4 All-Day Pass Tickets To The Mind Museum

Posted on Mar 29 2014 - 12:43am by tweenselmom


Because we love The Mind Museum sooo much and we are certain that you and your family will have an amazing time going there just like we did, we are sharing these 4 All Day Pass Tickets (worth 450.00 each) to 1 lucky winner! Spend a day exploring the world-class museum where you will learn to appreciate Science in a whole new level. If you don’t have an idea yet on how fun it is at The Mind Museum, you can check out my articles and photos using the links below :

Visit The Mind Museum at Taguig – Develop Your Child’s Interest In Science

The Mind Museum Summer Programs Kids Should Not Miss

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(For Filipino Citizens only, Filipinos abroad can join for their loved ones here in the Philippines, receiving friend or relative should have active Facebook Page to be contacted by TweenselMom. Subject to TERMS AND CONDITIONS stated at the back of each pass)

  • Millie

    Omg!! I got excited and I don’t wanna miss this! See you soon mind museum!

    • tweenselmom

      Millie, I am excited din for the winner because I know surely they will enjoy the place!

  • Ditas Chu

    I’ve been to the Mind Museum with my son once to attend a MindBurst event. We weren’t allowed to go inside the museum proper since we didn’t have actual ticket and we had to look at the exhibits from afar. With 4 all-day passes, I could bring the whole family to enjoy what the actual museum can offer. My Henry loves to touch and experience things so an interactive museum would be perfect for him.

    • tweenselmom

      That’s great Ditas! Goodluck and I wish you win too!!!

  • Sally

    I have gone to The Mind Museum quite a few times but never finished all the exhibits that’s why I won’t mind dropping by again because we love exploring especially that baby is now a toddler! :)

    • tweenselmom

      I agree. What’s good with the museum too is they add more exhibits so you always have something new to explore :-)

  • Yna Bronozo (@yns023)

    Been planning to bring my nephew at The Mind Museum, I’m waiting for them to have a promo so the whole family could go. That whole day pass will be worth it, Our whole fam will enjoy checking every thing at The Mind Museum So this giveaway is like a blessing if ever I win. Thank you for the chance and more power to your blog. God Bless! ^^

  • Cherry

    My son went to Mind Museum on their field trip and I was so inggit! He said we should go back so he can have his pictures taken, haha. Hope I win this for my family! We’re 4, tamang-tama :)

  • May De Jesus-Palacpac

    Would love to bring our 3 kids to mind museum, and if we’re lucky, in time for our son Lukas’s 5th birthday this April. :) We plan to celebrate it as a family and would love to include this to the itinerary. :)

  • Ma. laarni B. noma

    I intend to bring my 4 year old to Mind Museum …after that we go to the playground accross the Mind Museum…we can alos stroll along Bonifacio High Street and lastly we can take our dinner at S & R . Hope I could win this for my Kid’s 4th Bday.

    More power !

  • Rikka Redrico

    This is a great giveaway! I would love to bring my husband and Nini since my birthday and our 1st Wedding Anniversary is approaching. Always wanted to visit Mind Museum! Nini loves exploring new things especially when it comes to discovering Science step by step.

  • Dianne David

    i want this 1 for my kids and niece as a graduation treat :)

  • Emiliana

    I’d love to visit Mind Museum again with my daughter and two of her bestfriends for a fun, engaging learning experience this summer. I’m sure this bonding moment will long be remembered as their best educational activity together.

  • Astra C. Alegre

    I will take my family with me if I win. ( :

  • Theresa Cruz-Escaros

    I want to bring my husband and my 3-year-old son (with his yaya) to Mind Museum!!! I am sure my son will love it there. I am excited for him because it is an interactive museum. I love the idea that children can learn new things and concepts disguised as play.

  • Ma. Clarice Lao – Itumay

    I plan to use it with my husband and other friends because i want to try making my hair literally stand up. The Mind Museum is one of our planned places to visit.

  • Aileen Barcarse

    Summer is that time of the year for my 2nephews to have their vacation with us :) With my sister, we’ll go there and have a blast :) For sure, the two boys will have a memorable time.

  • sherry ann gole cruz

    i plan to use this on my daughter birthday,this will be a great birthday gift!

  • Janice Que

    If ever I win I’m going to bring my parents and my younger brother for a day of fun :)

  • Jewel

    OMG! This is a great timing for my son’s, niece’s and my mom’s birthday in May! We really want to go there! This is an excellent way to entice kids to study and excel in school :)

  • Chrissy Caballero

    Hi Lani! I will take my uber curious preschooler and his yaya to a fun and educational trip to TMM! Praying I win :)

  • Abigail Barcarse

    I’ll spend the day with my niece and my nephews :)

  • SJ Valdez (All-Around Pinay Mama)

    This is a great giveaway! The whole family will surely enjoy and learn from visiting The Mind Museum. :)

  • Maricar Canillas Saladino

    It will be a fun-filled day with so much things to be learned! Been planning to go there with my whole family as a summer getaway and for sure the whole family will truly enjoy this trip not only my nephew and my son! =)

  • thereyoujho

    I hope I win so I can bring my baby there! My first visit was when I was still pregnant kasi hihi!:)

  • Anne Marie Napay-Dragon

    My sister together with my 7 yr old nephew and 2 yr old niece will be coming home this end if April from Riyadh. I would love to bring them at the mind museum as one of their itinerary duting their vacation. For sure the kids will enjoy and will have a memorable experience during their stay here in the Philippines.
    God bless and more power to your blog!

  • Aireen Dela Rosa

    I’ve never to Mind Museum and I’ve been planning to bring my daughter here. With the 4 free tickets, our family will surely have fun and learn something new without us spending for the entrance.

  • Grace Roska

    this would be a dream come true for my 7 & 4 year old. opportunity to shape the future of the Philippines thru science for Filipino children.

  • Istin Dizon Paigna

    I will bring my two kids there as a treat this summer vacation. I will try to bring them as early as I can so that we can enjoy the tour and exploring all the exhibits at Mind Museum. I am sure they will be amazed and learn a lot from the trip. :)

  • Clarenze Nixon

    I want to bring there my niece and nephew. It’ll fun and exciting to learn something interesting facts to nourish their knowledge about science matter. :)

  • Suzette

    This is great, an all day pass for 4. I want to bring here my 2 year old daughter and 7 year old son. I’m sure they will love this.

  • osangB (@Osang36)

    I plan to bring my grandson, I know that he will enjoy visiting The Mind Museum, this will be one way of showing him how fun it is to learn new things at the same time he gets to play while doing it.

  • Criselda R. Blancaflor

    Isasama ko mga pamangkin ko, my son is 2yo, baka sali na rin :)

  • Paula

    I’ll take my family there. We haven’t been out that much this summer so this is a perfect opportunity!

  • Raysan Atizado

    i’ll bring a friend and 2 of my siblings. Thanks for this giveaway!

  • Josephine Bahala

    The Mind Museum is just a ten-minute (or less), from our place and I have been wanting to bring my two daughters there ever since it opened, but i have not had the chance to. But, I guess, I can now bring them there because right now I am feeling Lucky!:) Thanks in advance!

  • Eva San Luis

    That giveaway is really great, hoping & praying that im the lucky one to win the pass ticket. My son will definitely enjoy, my son is 6 years old now turning 7 on august. He has a lot of questions about everything, about outer space, planets, space man evertything, i think he is curious on a lot of things. So if i win the ticket in the Mind Museum he will learn many things about everything.

  • Jim Marlon A. Macaraeg

    I’ll bring my family if I win. This will be a memorable learning and fun activity with the whole family

  • Abby

    I am planning to give my all day pass tickets to my inaanak. I want him to enjoy and learn more in The Mind Museum

  • Rhea

    My plan to my all day pass tickets to Mind Museum is i will bring my son with me and enjoy the mind museum all day.

  • Lory

    Im hoping to bring my toddler at the Mind Museum this summer.. I know that he will enjoy this place as he is starting to get curious at things.. and he really loves to explore.

  • Soleil Taguines

    I have been planning to go to the Mind Museum since before it opened. I live in Forbeswood Heights and saw how the whole museum came to life from being a flat land to the marvelous place that it is, but only from the outside. I have never gotten the chance to go there yet due to financial reasons. Me, my boyfriend, my sister and my niece have all been planning to go but just couldnt. Recently, I was robbed at knife-point and all my belongings and money are taken from me. It would be a great boost of positivity if I get to win this and instead of everyone worrying about my finances, I can give back to those who care about me.

  • Maria Jessica Apalin

    I plant on visiting Mind museum on my best friend’s birthday! Im planning on surprising her with the tickets!


    i’m hoping to win this giveaway because i want my siblings to explore science more and be amazed how it is applied to our daily life. i am also excited for myself to experience again the perks of being a child and at the same time, a student who is curious of my environment. yay! really hope to win this!

  • May Ann dela Cruz

    Summer is for everyone to have fun and learn. I will bring my nephew and niece with me to The Mind Museum. At young age, I want them to explore and learn about science at the same time they are enjoying. My nephew already saw The Mind Museum and he said he want to go there, so if I win, I’m gonna fulfill his wish.

  • Rhozallino Ramones

    How do you plan to use your all-day pass tickets to The Mind Museum?

    I will go their on weekends with my friends and family so that we can have our bonding time together.

  • Ma Irene Bautista

    If ever, I plan to share these all-day pass tickets with my siblings who are having their vacation with me. In June, they will revert to our hometown. It’s rare to see us complete like this, thus I want all our moments being together to be as maximized as possible.

  • kelly john biasong

    isasama ko ang family ko :) para mag kabonding naman this summer

  • Allan Reyes

    I will go with my wife and daughter.

  • JC

    We have never been to Mind Museum so this experience will be our very first time to be there. I will bring my family with me so we can enjoy the amazing Mind Museum together :)

  • Maricel Fajardo

    If ever I win 4 ticket passes I would bring my kids because this is fun while there learning the world of Science they could explore and they could learn many things in here, an interactive museum would be perfect for them a great activity with the whole family

  • Cherry Tan

    will be having a bonding day with my godchild and nieces, for us to explore together

  • Maria Corazon Letada

    I will bring my family. Perfect this vacation and have fun!

  • Hanna

    I will go with my sister and cousins if I win!! :) :) It’s bonding time!!

  • Camille Quiambao

    i’d bring my nephew and nieces if i win. they all love science :)

  • Arminda Puno De Leon

    Spending with my family…my 3 kulilits surely will love it! Come to Nanay…Tickets at Mind Museum!

  • Kristina Marie Letada

    I’m so excited to go to mind museum to learn new things at the same time bonding with my family.

  • Jenny Esplana

    How do you plan to use your all-day pass tickets to The Mind Museum?
    I would bring my mom and brother with me so that I could use my tickets <3

  • Gizette

    I’ll go there with my family! :)

  • Don Balboa

    It would be perfect for my family of four. My two daughters are very inquisitive and at their formative years, plus they love science so much! That’s why it would benefit them a lot including us parents.

  • Joy Rebleza

    This will be a family bonding day! Learning at the same time we get to have some fun as a whole family! Discovering new things together is always a must for us so it would really be cool to win I’m sure my son will enjoy this! Thanks for the opportunity been meaning to bring him at The Mind Museum just don’t have yet the extra cash to fulfill it! hehe

  • leo garcia

    i’ll bring my family perfect for family bonding and the same time learning:)

  • may ongsioco

    if i ever i win, il use it on my shobe’s birthday :) im sure she will love it.

  • Sena Gonzales

    I would like to tag my sister and nephew along when i win this tickets.. We love to enjoy at the same time its gonna be fun learning experience for us 😀

  • Marlene Yanga

    Perfect Family Bonding for Me,Hubby and 2 sons.Really praying to win.

  • Lorie Nocasa

    This is fun! Fun and new bonding experience from us. We wanted to visit this Museum but we can’t find time.. Maybe when we win this ticket.. We will be able to fulfill our desire to go to this museum 😀

  • Deyc

    I want to experience how exciting what is in Mind Museum ….It is time to enjoy with my love ones..hopefully to win free tickets


  • Al Nash

    I love Mind Museum so much if more interesting and educational eto ang pinaka hihintay ko na marating at mapunthan ang museo sa pamamagitan ng inyong Blogsite advertisement

  • Emilie P. Udasco

    If I’ll be the lucky winner of these tickets, I’ll bring mah two kids and hubby with me.. My first daughter really loves science and I’m sure we’ll enjoy our trip and learn new things too.. :)

  • Teresia DC

    My grandson has been begging me to bring him there, maybe this will be our chance to visit! everything looks interesting i’m sure it will be fun to spend it with family!