ASCOF Lagundi – A Mom’s Natural Cough Relief In A Bottle

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Bitstrip courtesy of my daughter Maristel πŸ™‚

One of the nastiest illnesses kids can have is persistent cough. I know you’ll agree with me. When you hear them barking like puppies, you pray hard that the coughing stops not because you are irritated by how they sound but because you know that your child is suffering. Ang hirap kaya ng may ubo!

What makes me suffer more is the fact that my kids get their allergies from me genetically. I had allergic rhinitis ever since I was a teenager and after I sneeze a lot and drown with my colds, then comes the cough. It takes several days before the cough stops and it pains me a lot to see my kids to have this kind allergy.

Don’t Ignore That Cough


Bitstrip courtesy of my daughter Mariel

When your kids cough often, you may tend to ignore it overtime thinking that it will go away after several days. That’s how I was before because I don’t want them to take in medicines all the time. I usually think “Baka maluto naman sila sa gamot.” (they may get overdosed with medicine ).

But what happens when you let that cough go on for days without treatment? There are only two ways that case will go to: 1. Cough will get worse 2. Cough will stop. You are taking 50-50 chances and the sad part is that 50% when your child’s cough get worse means your child has suffered enough and you need to take your child to the pediatrician.

Treating Cough The “Naturalista” Way

The first reason why moms like me usually abstain from giving cough medicines to kids (aside from the fact that cough medicines are expensive) is the fear of overdosing. Cough just happens all the time and giving cough medicines right away is just not right. And so we resort to being naturalistas (moms who prefer to use the natural ingredients to treat illnesses). When we think of using only natural products, herbs that we heard from our own moms and lolas, we feel safe that we are not harming our children’s immature bodies with the harmful chemicals of bottled medicines.

Oregano is the most popular herb these days when it comes to treating cough. I remember my Lola Adelina who used to pick oregano leaves from a potted oregano hanging outside the window. She used to boil the leaves, crush, extract the liquid and then make a concoction out of it with honey. My cousins and I didn’t like the taste even with honey but I remember the liquid as soothing on my throat. Then after several days, my cough weakens.

Lagundi on another hand wasn’t in my memory when it comes to cough relief. As I’ve researched about it, I found out that it can really be considered a wonder plant. All of its parts, from the roots to the leaves, provide healing effects against muscle pains, can be powerful anti-histamines, and most specially cough and cold relievers. I found so many blogs and informative sources about Lagundi and how anyone can prepare a Lagundi concoction at home. Sometimes I can’t help thinking, where was I and I haven’t heard about this wonder plant before?

Garden Affair

I was informed a lot more about Lagundi when my kids and I recently attended the “Garden Affair for Naturalista Moms”. It was a gathering of co-mommies who all have one thing in common, the passion to make their kids healthy and sickness-free the natural way. The set-up was intimate inside Earth Kitchen, a garden-themed restaurant within the popular White Plains subdivision. In the middle of the event was the presentation of ASCOF Lagundi.

Earth Kitchen

The Walls of Earth Kitchen are full of organic decor, very apt for the theme of Naturalista Moms

Garden Affair

I’ve heard about ASCOF Lagundi long before from TV advertisements but as usual, I was not very attentive to them because I often do something else during program breaks. From the Naturalista Event though, I was enlightened about the facts how ASCOF Lagundi has been clinically tested and made to serve as a safe alternative to home-made concoctions from theΒ  widely known herbal plant lagundi.

Carmina and kids

Ms. Carmina Villaroel-Legaspi with her kids Cassy and Mavy

carmina and mariel

My daughter was too happy to take her photos with the stars of the day πŸ™‚

To our delight, ASCOF Lagundi’s brand ambassador was none other than Mrs. Carmina Villaroel Legaspi with her adorable kids Cassy and Mavy. They were a sight to behold but the best thing about them is that they are the perfect example of mommy and kids who truly love each other judging from how they act and answer in the forum. I was very glad to relate with Carmina when it comes to rearing her kids and her healthy natural ways of keeping her twins healthy.

ASCOF Products

ASCOF Line of Products

Throughout the event, I realized that the makers of ASCOF understood the main requirements of mommies like me when it comes to over the counter cough relief medicines:


The makers of ASCOF make sure that they only use lagundi leaves which are of highest quality.


These leaves are manufactured into bottled medicines within the standards of Bureau of Food and UP College of Pharmacy
for the National Integrated Research Program on Medicinal Plants.


During the event, we were shown how ASCOF Lagundi brings effective relief through its 3-way formula termed “Tunaw, Luwag, Ginhawa”. We danced a few steps as urged by the host, wiggled like little girls, depicting how ASCOF initially dissolves the mucous brought by allergens, relaxes the air passage and then prevents the allergy from happening again, exactly how the natural lagundi leaves will affect its users.


What’s best about ASCOF Lagundi for me is it’s availability. As much as I want to prepare a home-made lagundi drink for my kids when they get cough and colds, time won’t permit me to do that. With a bottled relief which I can buy easily over the counter, considering that it was made by health professionals using the safest methods, there’s really nothing to lose. It’s actually all gain when I feel safe and happy as I see my kids experience relief faster in a healthy and very natural way.

Happy Faces

Mommies love to see to their kids happy and healthy. I am happy to be a Naturalista Mom with ASCOF taking care of my kids when they have coughs and colds.

Note: This is a sponsored post for ASCOF Lagundi but I can assure that the experiences were all real and the recommendations I made were from my heart β™₯

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  1. jocris April 4, 2014 at 12:55 pm - Reply

    I used Lagundi in capsule form, And It is really effective on me. ^^

  2. Lai April 5, 2014 at 12:47 am - Reply

    I have tried ascof before, effective din sya sa son ko. πŸ™‚

  3. Gladys April 5, 2014 at 9:13 pm - Reply

    I was like you too Mommy, I don’t want to give my kids too much medicines due to my own fear of overdosing them. My grandma used to tell us just drink a lot of water when we’re sick and made us drink the oregano herbal.

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