What Makes Me An Uber Passionate Blogger

Posted on May 8 2015 - 3:50am by tweenselmom

Thank you Joy, my mommy-blogger friend who owns the beautiful blog Joybites.com, for nominating me for the “Give One, Get One” Blogger Award Contest. Joy is my idol when it comes to her figure. She doesn’t look like she has four kids already! She also lifts weights, cooks and bakes delicious recipes, take photos which are all magazine-worthy, and many more things that I can’t do. She inspires me as a mom, a blogger and a friend.

To answer Joy’s question on what makes me a passionate blogger, I have actually three:


1. My Family – My daughters and my husband gives me inspiration and ideas on what to share with my readers. I love to share where we eat, the places where we travel as a family, and all family experiences not because gusto kong magyabang (to brag) but mainly because I want add useful information in the internet through my blog. I keep my blog posts clean and I try to write about happy thoughts so when I get to read my posts back again in the future, I’ll be reminded of these happy memories. I’m sort of a sad person inside because I have many bad experiences in the past and in my childhood but I cover them up with the happiness that I daily experience with my family. For me, life is very short ( I actually pray every night for God to give me at least till 80 years old, kahit wag na akong yumaman) just to have that longest life possible to be with my family.

2. I’m a passionate learner – I want to learn everything and because I can’t help learning, I also can’t help sharing what I know. I am an avid reader and if I will be given a gift where I won’t think of anyone else but myself, I’d like to have a room full of books, like Belle in Beauty and the Beast.

3. The Mommy Bloggers Philippines Community – Knowing all the moms when I read their blogs (not that I am able to read all mommy blogs) , it feels great to be in touch with so many women who knows a lot at home, knows a lot about cooking and crafts etcetera. They are mothers who make their time worthwhile. Like me, they feel that every minute counts. It also feels great meeting with the community members in events and sometimes on our own MBP events. We know each other and there’s always an endless “kwentuhan” when we see each other. Someday, I know, MBP will be an instrument to something deeper, something where the moms will be able to share something to the society which can touch lives or even change lives for the better.

Thanks Joy!

give-one-get-one-badge-pizzaAs my entry to FoodPanda’s Give One Get One Contest, I am nominating another one of my friend mommy blogger Louisa Mercado of the Artofbeingamom.com. Louisa is like an older sister to me (even if I am older than her hahaha). We usually exchange thoughts when it becomes to parenting and most of the time, she gives me alternative perspectives in life. She is one tough mom and I am not surprised why God has given her that big package, so she can contain that big heart she has for her family and her friends. I consider myself as lucky to be included in her circle of friends. tinyheart

Here are my questions below:

1. How do you manage your time as a work at home mom and as a blogger?

2. What ticks you off when you blog?

3. What are your future plans in your blog?

Goodluck Louisa! Hope we all win!

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