Why I Give My Kids Vitamins Even If They Are Healthy

Posted on Jun 23 2015 - 6:48am by tweenselmom

Yes, I’ve been a vitamin-giving mom ever since my two girls were born. I’ve been that way even though they aren’t sickly. There were times when I miss on giving them their vitamin supplements and I get worried. Why? Because I know that they aren’t able to get all the vitamins they need in the kinds of food we have today. I do my best to prepare healthy food daily on our table but sometimes, I admit that I give in to “delivery foods” when we have work deadlines. There are also days when the four of us haven’t got the chance to take rest or ample sleep. During these moments, I am at least assured that we have back-ups inside our body, which hopefully the vitamins acting up when we need our immunity the most.


According to WebMD, which I often read for health news for parents, it’s actually not necessary for kids to have vitamins since these are available on a healthy-balanced diet. However, your kids need vitamins IF :

1. your kids are picky eaters
2. your kids are taking medications (you need to ask your doctors about the right vitamins on these cases)
3. your kids play physically demanding sports
4. your kids eat from fast food restaurants often (we belong to this category)
5. if your kids drink a lot of SODA, oh my, because these drinks dry out the vitamins from their bodies

My girls often fall on these 5 except for #2. They aren’t involved in heavy sports but I guess all that bag-carrying and school activities including the extra-curriculars are enough to be considered heavy. And because of that, their vitamins are always at the table next to their breakfast.

They take in Nutri10Plus Syrup and I am glad that despite the tiring 9 hour school days, 5-days a week, they are still energetic when they come home. They are still picky eaters ( always fried chicken!), but they still have the appetite to eat whatever I cook and serve at the table.

How about your child, do you think they need vitamins too?


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