What’s New At The Mind Museum?

Posted on Dec 25 2015 - 2:24pm by tweenselmom

My daughter just turned 12 and though we know that she had already asked us that we revisit The Mind Museum in BGC early this year, we were surprised that it was still her wish for her birthday. We’ve actually allotted one day already for the trip but unfortunately, when we got there, there were so many students who had their field trips that day. So we cancelled. Maybe it really was meant for her to visit TMM on her birthday.

The first time we went at The Mind Museum was a Family Day, a blogging event. We went with the whole gang and it was fun but the kids thought that the tour was short. They enjoyed the museum so much that they want to visit again when there aren’t so many visitors and they can just try the activities and look at the exhibits as long as they want without distractions.

at The Mind Museum almost 2 years ago

at The Mind Museum almost 2 years ago

And so our recent trip became perfect. We practically almost have the whole place by ourselves (Dec. 23). We were able to take photos wherever we want without having to wait for other people to leave. We’ve also seen new features and exhibits which were not there the first time we visited. Mind you, our last visit was around March 2014. Most of the exhibits we’ve seen before are still there but there are also new features which I was able to note. There are more I am sure which should be mentioned but these ones stood out for me :

Forever Lab

This is located in the 2nd floor of the museum and there’s a separate room for the exhibits. Most of the displays are about our quest for long life and what people can do to be able to live a longer life. One fact that I learned there was that divorced women live longer lives than men who have settled for a divorce even if they do not remarry. The room is full of framed quotes about life, the value of knowledge, and the importance of laughter. There’s one space there where you may write notes or answer some questions and then write them on a note pad and then hang them on the curtains.

forever lab The Mind Museum

Mother / Daughter Mirror

This exhibit was fun. The mirror somehow proves that we all take our eyes or that our eyes are very similar to our moms. What you’ll do is a child sits on one side and the mom sits on the opposite side and when they line up their eyes in the mirror, their facial and body parts will be mixed together.  We were amazed to see how my daughter and I looked very similar.

 The Mind Museum

3D Dinosaur TV

The monitor was near the entrance of the museum. You’ll have fun seeing the dinosaurs roam around the museum as you stand there (at least from the monitor.)

Walking With The Dinosaurs The Mind Museum

Walking With The Dinosaurs The Mind Museum

Make A Tornado

I do not remember seeing this last time so we had the girls try this. It was cool seeing how a tornado forms as they press a button below.

Create A Tornado The Mind Museum

Closer Photo With T-Rex

Walking With The Dinosaurs The Mind Museum love your bones

Walking With The Dinosaurs The Mind Museum

This is what we enjoyed most and I think it’s also the major highlight of the museum, the T-Rex’s bone. It is cast from real dinosaur fossils and when you think about it, I couldn’t feel thankful that we did not live during those years when these giant creatures were still alive.

There are still a thousand more things to see from The Mind Museum but at least, we’ve granted our daughter’s wish for her birthday. She was thankful for our gift and we were glad that they enjoyed these kinds of trips. We are planning to go back this summer and try their summer camps and marine exploration activities.

I personally love Science and for me, it is one subject that really shows the wonders and the power of our Creator, and it gives peace in my mind to realize and feel it all over again. Despite all the problems in the world, the war happening in different sides of the globe, the crimes happening everywhere, we know that there’s a loving God out there who sees and knows everything, and who will solve all these pains eventually.

This school vacation, try visiting The Mind Museum. It will be a worthy trip for the whole family as you plant the seeds of knowledge to  your children. Check their holiday schedules and ticket prices here.


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