Kidzania Is A Dream Place For Kids And Parents Too

Posted on Mar 25 2016 - 2:40am by tweenselmom

Kidzania may not have the rides and the dreamy carousels but what the kids enjoy in this place a lot is they get to imagine and role-play what they can potentially be when they get old. And how happier can parents be when they see their little children dreaming of becoming big or just seeing them having interests in careers which they didn’t even know of? That was what we felt. My husband and I felt happy seeing my girls play as broadcasters, radio DJs, doctors, things that we dream for them someday. I guess most parents want the best for their kids including the careers they will have in the future. In Kidzania, they allow us parents to dream big too.

We parents are always reminded not to be pushy to our kids when it comes to choosing their careers, but we are encouraged to guide them, help them discover what they want and nurture their passion once they find it. Kidzania is one place to start for them to see their options.

Here I shared some of the photos where my kids participated. I tell you that as soon as we got entered the premise, we felt we were transferred into a  new world (actually a city) where there are all sort of mini buildings, mini-bakeries, mini-hospitals, and banks (etcetera). Adults were all wide-eyed as much as the kids. Nakakatuwa talaga! The kids will be given mock-money upon entry and they will get use these on some of the establishments. While some will require them to pay, most of the areas will pay them back after they “work”. They call these money “kidZos”. You can choose to open a bank account inside the city or you can just collect them.

Around The City


The city is huge and if it’s your first time, it’s easy to get lost but there’s a map where you can easily find your location. If ever you lose your child, you can easily locate them by having your wrist tag scanned. Kidzania will be able to locate your kids or other companions at once.

Kidzania Boarding Pass

You’ll get these boarding passes and vouchers which you can exchange for Kidzos when you get inside.



I love this mini building where you can buy cool room decors, accessories and glow-in-the-dark items.


McCafe lounge

You can buy McDonalds coffee or espresso whenever you want to, you can bring the cups with you or just drink them while you relax on the comfy sofa.

McCafe lounge

This lounge has very comfortable seats and multiple LCD televisions where you can watch movies as you relax and rest your tired feet.


There’s this cute game room where little kids can have a great time with their friends.

Careers We’ve Tried

There are over 90 areas / activities to choose from around the whole city. We started early on a weekday and got the early morning shift which was 10am-2PM. We were able to finish 8 and the kids were asking for more. But of course, we don’t have the kind of energy that the kids have.

Airplane Crew

There are activity areas which are off limits to parents like this one. We aren’t allowed what she was doing inside but my daughter told us she enjoyed the activity as she gets to play as a crew like the people we see when we fly an airplane during trips abroad. She also had to wear a similar uniform. There were photos of them inside the facility but the photos need to be paid when you claim them.

airplane crew

airplane crew2


This activity was cool because they wore nice chef outfit, hairnets and they actually did the mixing. They made a Lady’s Choice Macaroni fruit salad and they were able to take their finished products home. They tasted good!



Emergency Response

emergency response


Radio Host

radio host

Shopping TV Announcer

shopping tv

Theater Artist

theater artists






At the end of the day, your kids may be able to collect and sum up the Kidzos they earned from the activities and they can buy Kidzania items from the stores. That way, kids learn the value of working hard, earning and enjoying the fruits of their labor. Some parents open a bank account (not a real bank account) for the kids to deposit their earnings. When they visit Kidzania again, they can earn more and withdraw these to buy more expensive items.


I was only able to write about a quarter of what we actually experienced during our visit and we have tons of photos, but I think you get the idea. A visit to Kidzania is one of the best gifts you can give to your child and I won’t be surprised if you will plan to visit again and again. With over 90 role playing activities, every visit will be another adventure for your family.

 You can check Kidzania’s ticket prices and schedules here.

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  1. Berlin Domingo March 25, 2016 at 1:40 pm - Reply

    Been wanting to bring my boys here but because of school, I simply can’t. Now that it’s vacation time, we can finally experience KidZania!

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