Kidzania Manila’s “Kids for a Greener World” Summer Program – Helping Kids Be More Caring To Nature

Posted on Apr 23 2016 - 12:58pm by tweenselmom

As parents, my husband and I always feel that it’s our moral obligation to teach our kids to be caring to Mother Earth in our own little ways. We teach them to throw away their little paper thrashes and candy wrappers in the right places, by filtering the left over food from our plates and not let them go down the drain, and to recycle as much as they can. But there are still more ways to teach little kids of what they can do to be more caring to nature and fortunately, Kidzania Manila came up with a summer program to help parents in that area.

Very timing for the Earth Day Celebration for this month of April, Kidzania has “Kids for a Greener World” program from April 8 to June 15. It involves activities where kids can learn different ways to care for the environment and how their actions affect their natural surroundings. The activities were not only fun but informative too both for kids and the parents.

Kidzania Kids For A Greener World Theme

Kidzania Kids For A Greener World Theme

Kidzania Kids For A Greener World Theme

Shell Transportation Efficiency Center

This spot teaches the kids (and parents) how to save gas when traveling by effectively planning routes. It also shows how to efficiently use fuel and reduce air pollution through cleaner car emissions.

Challenge: Help reduce air pollution by sharing a ride with friends. Take a picture of yourself carpooling with friends and post it on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with the hashtags #KZMNLGreenerWorld and #KZMNLxShell

Kidzania Kids For A Greener World Shell

Kidzania Kids For A Greener World Shell Transportation Efficiency Center


Century Tuna Fish Market

The kids were taught how to sort fish according to their kinds and they were assigned to deliver the fishes to specific locations. We have learned from this activity that Century Tuna (the company) has their own farms where they let different fishes live and grow to be used in manufacturing. This way, they don’t disrupt the natural balance of sea creatures in our seas.



H&M Conscious Upcycling Workshop

Here, kids will learn how ordinary objects can be recycled to make something new. Mariel was not able to participate here but we saw that the kids are able to make their own bracelets out of recycled clothing.


Vertical Garden

Kidzania also has this activity where the kids are taught how to build their own vertical gardens. I saw how easy it was to do it and I am actually inspired to do it at home, in our frontyard. This will be a nice project for us this summer.



Other fun activities Mariel tried for the first time (see their previous visit to Kidzania).

part of Crime Scene Investigation

Mariel played as a Police Inspector as part of Crime Scene Investigation Team

Bracelet Making

Bracelet Making

Rock Climbing

Ready for Rock Climbing

Cake Decorating in Goldilocks Bakeshop

Cake Decorating in Goldilocks Bakeshop

Let your kids spend the best summer ever at KidZania Manila by discovering how they can take care of the environment towards helping build a better world. The play city is open every day: Mondays to Thursdays (9AM-4PM); and Fridays to Sundays (9AM-2PM and 3-8PM). To book tickets and for more information, visit

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