Be A Mega Mom With Mega Creations Premium Spanish Sardines

Posted on May 8 2016 - 10:12am by tweenselmom

 Mega comes from the Greek μέγας megas, meaning “great” . But how can a mom really be a great Mom, a Mega Mom?

For me, motherhood can actually be as complex as you want to think of it, but it can also be as simple as being a person in the family who will always think of her family first before herself. People are naturally born selfish, but when you become a mom and you really own it, you think of yourself less. I truly felt that the moment my husband and I knew that we were pregnant with my eldest daughter.

Mega Creations Taste The Love Media Launch

In my elements in the Mega Creations Taste The Love Media Launch

I grew up without a mother myself and I promised that I will do everything I can for my children to feel the love that I didn’t get the chance to experience. I’m not a perfect mother and it has always been a struggling journey for me and my husband, especially because we lived on our own since the very start. But I can say that our journey has always been exciting despite the problems we encounter. The four of us are always excited of tomorrow, new challenges to overcome, new places to travel, and of course new food to eat. That’s how I feel great and that’s how I feel that I am a Mega Mom.

Recently, I’ve attended an intimate luncheon for mega moms sponsored by Mega Creations Premium Spanish Sardines. It was held at a secluded but a very beautiful restaurant which I found out to be very famous for its special paella, Pio’s Kitchen. There, I met its glowing owner and executive chef Chef Chin Gallegos – Bagis and the very down-to-earth people behind Mega Creations. It was a lovely afternoon especially that I am with my blogger friend, Joy, and other mommy bloggers too which I’ve known for a long time. All the food served were heavenly, the mood was very light and happy, and I felt comfortable and at home.

Pios Kitchen

The Secluded Pio’s Kitchen – you can find it thru

Chef Chin Gallegos-Bagis Mega Mom/Owner and Executive Chef of Pio's Kitchen

Chef Chin Gallegos-Bagis Mega Mom/Owner and Executive Chef of Pio’s Kitchen – Click this photo to watch Chef Gin speak during the media launch.

The famous paella which Pio's Kitchen is famous for

The famous paella which Pio’s Kitchen is famous for


An unforgettable dessert made with love, Churros!

The theme of this luncheon was “TasteTheLove” and it was the perfect theme as we were able to taste how Mega Creations Sardines can be transformed into mouthwatering and exquisite dishes, all thanks to Chef Chin and the fresh taste of Mega Spanish Sardines. Mega Sardines are made with only the freshest catch that has gone through Mega Sardines’ signature 12-hour-catching-to-canning process As Lady Reyes, Brand Manager of Mega Creations and a Mega Mom herself explained “We believe that love can be expressed in our homes in many ways, most especially in cooking. We are hoping that every home will be able to taste the love that is in every can and bottle of Mega Creations. We wish to be part of your families, your kitchen, and your every meal.”

My personalized apron

My personalized apron and at the top is the caramelized Mega Sardines peanuts which was so addictive.

During the event, we were all given our own personalized aprons and cooked with Chef Chin Gallegos-Bagis her easy recipe of Tomato Arugula and Sardine Pasta. It was a friendly contest where our team, with Joy and Nina, won the best plating category. Yey! After all the cooking and eating, we all went home with a basket filled of Mega Creations goodies so we can also try the other 3 scrumptious recipes made by Chef Gin. I shared these recipes with you below. You should try them! The Arugula Sardine pasta was very easy to cook and I bet the other three recipes will just as be friendly for quick-cooking moms like me.

Cooking activity with Joy and Nina

It was an exciting activity as we tried cooking Chef Chin’s Tomato Arugula and Sardine pasta recipe. My team with Nina of and Joy of won the best plating.

Tomato Aurgula and Sardine Pasta

Our winning plate!

Recipe of Mega Creations Tomato Arugula and Sardine Pasta

The Mega Moms

The lovely Mega Moms with Mega Global’s Mary Lou Tiu Lim, Chef Chin Gallegos-Bagis, Mega Creations Brand Manager Lady Reyes, and Mega Global’s Corporate Communications Assistant Manager Elenn Manalang.

Basket full of Mega Creations Sardines

Went home with a basket full of Mega Creations goodies !


Apart from the delicious dishes which you can only taste in Pio’s Kitchen, we were able to taste these dishes which are all very easy to make at home. Click the name of the recipe to see and download or print the whole recipe.

Creamy Spinach and Sardines Baked with Pita Chips

Creamy Spinach and Sardines Baked with Pita Chips

Recipe of Creamy Spinach and Sardines Baked with Pita Chips

Sardines and Potato Croquettas wrapped in lettuce and Tartar Sauce

Sardines and Potato Croquettas wrapped in lettuce and Tartar Sauce

Recipe of Sardines and Potato Croquettas wrapped in lettuce and Tartar Sauce

The Mega Creations Premium Spanish Sardines line

The Mega Creations Premium Spanish Sardines line

Now you have all these wonderful recipes, it’s time to be a Mega Mom!


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