Vlogger Mommy Star Inspires Mothers To Be Eden Cheese Moms

Posted on May 25 2016 - 1:26pm by tweenselmom

Eden Cheese has always been the star of my spaghetti, chicken macaroni salad and the sandwiches I make either in regular days or when there’s a special celebration at home. I use Eden cheese because it’s pretty affordable, satisfies my cheesy taste and it’s the brand of cheese I’ve always seen at home since birth.

Eden Cheese

Eden Cheese Quick Melt, Eden Cheese Regular Cheese, Eden Mayo and Eden Sandwich Spread

I am the only cheese monster at home but when I use Eden Cheese when cooking, my dishes always become a hit. My lasagna as they say is unforgettable and that’s because I make sure that I make it as creamy and cheesy as possible.

Giant Eden Cheese

A giant Eden Cheese welcomed us in this #ThisIsHowYouNanay event.

Last week, I got the chance to meet the newest endorser of Eden Cheese and I am proud that they got someone from the same arena. Mommy Star is a mommy vlogger (vlogger means video blogger) and she is popular because of her YouTube videos. As a single parent, she shares her adventures and her mommy tips via her videos, how she takes care of her daughter, and how she prepares food at home. Her #ThisIsHowYouNanay hashtag is so appropriate for her because she inspires and teaches her mommy viewers the fun ways of being a mom. I bet her daughter feels so lucky for having a mom who is that so “kalog”.

Mommy Star of Eden Cheese

Meet the newest star of Eden Cheese – Mommy Star!

During the event, Mommy Star showed us her skills in engaging her audience with her being kwela and she was really confident in front of the camera. I can’t imagine doing what she does like singing her heart out and dancing. I believe Eden chose well because Mommy Star truly knows her way to the kitchen. She showed us how to cook Cheesy Tilapia. I haven’t used cheese in fish yet but I tasted the fish she cooked, and it was creamy and tasty. I’ll make sure to try it one day and share it here in my blog.

Mommy Star Eden Cheese

Mommy Star and her daughter gamely posed to the cameras

Mommy Star Eden

Mommy Star launched by Eden Cheese as its newest endorser. #ThisIsHowYouNanay

Cheesy Tilapia

Cooking tilapia with Eden Cheese. Try it!

Eden Cheese commercials with Mommy Star

Mommy Star’s tv commercial which will be released soon

Get to know Mommy Star by visiting her here:

Facebook Page – https://www.facebook.com/stariray2011

YouTube –¬† https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBaqAbWvHdOmH3rKActj2Ng

With Mommy Star

With Mommy Star


This Eden Cheese event and with the launch of Mommy Star as Eden’s newest endorser, many moms will benefit from the commercials and videos that will soon be shown. Using Eden cheese for baon will make lunch time and snack time in school so much better for the children, not only because their cheesy baon will be more delicious, but healthier as well. We may not all be celebrities like what Mommy Star is right now, but we will all be the special star in our own homes when we cook unforgettable dishes for our loved ones.

For more cheesy goodness, visit www.facebook.com/EdenCheesePH. You may also visit http://cheeseanything.com/ for more Eden Cheese recipes.


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