Give ‘Bags of Hope’ to World Vision Kids

Posted on Jun 1 2016 - 10:12pm by tweenselmom

It’s heartbreaking to know that despite the struggle of many Filipino parents to provide for their families, there is still almost 4-million Filipino children who are classified as out-of-school youth. Majority of us can feel how maintaining a decent financial status these days is getting more and more difficult. In my daughter’s private school alone, many of her classmates have opted to choose to go to public schools because of the steep tuition fee. And I am not putting public schools in a negative light in here, not that its disadvantageous to study in public schools. My daughter was fortunate that she passed QueSci, a public high school also, though I can say that most public schools have the unhealthy number of students which for me won’t be that conducive to learning.

My point is, millions still can’t afford to go to school and some who were fortunate enough to be able to go to school won’t have enough remaining money to buy their school supplies.

With this, Robinsons Supermarket, Unilever Philippines and World Vision united together and launched the “Bags of Hope” campaign – which aims to help World Vision Kids with their education and their future.

One may be a committed donor through buying the Bags of Hope pack. One can choose from purchasing 470ml Lady’s Choice Mayonnaise, Ham or Bacon spreads. Purchase will automatically entitle one to receive a “collectible school bag” which comes in four designs while concurrently giving out school supplies as donations for World Vision Kids to support their education.

bags of hope1

Lady’s Choice Mayonnaise will be the perfect spread to prepare the kids’ baon. Our favorite at home is the hotdog bun with mayonnaise and cheese on top. There’s also a lot of sandwiches you can make with Lady’s Choice Mayonnaise as the base spread. While you enjoy your sandwiches after buying Lady’s Choice, you’ve already helped many students in their supplies this coming school year. Isn’t it cool?

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