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Posted on Jun 23 2016 - 11:39am by tweenselmom

How many occasions do we have in a year where there’s an opportunity to have our little girls wear pretty and dainty dresses. So plenty!

Great Kids PH

Mariel loves to fit dresses in the fitting room. Do your girls do the same?

1. Church days
2. Birthdays
3. School Recognition days
4. Talent programs
5. First communion
6. Visit to grandparents
7. Weddings – as guests
8. and the rest of the year when you just feel like dressing them up!

As a mom of two girls, I take it as my pleasure to see my girls wearing dresses. Most of the times, they want to just wear jeans or shorts and shirts, maybe because of the weather. But I tell them that there are certain days that dresses will be appropriate or a must. I also want them to be confident wearing any kind of clothing, be it a dress or a shirt.

Sometimes though, I understand why they hate wearing dresses and here are some reasons why :

1. the material of the dress is not comfortable when it touches their skin
2. they are not comfortable with the color and design
3. the dress is too heavy to wear

There’s one shop though which we like to visit often because of their beautiful dresses – Pois Boutique (Great Kids PH) in Trinoma . When you go inside, you’ll notice that the designers prefer light colors which are just appropriate for kids. The styles are also age appropriate and you can choose from casual to more formal designs. The size of the dresses are varied and available from little tots to older kids like my girls.

The store also sells Mommy & Me dresses which lets little girls and their moms wear matching outfits. Not only couples can do that you know. I’ve seen many celebrities who did the same and they looked fabulous!

Pois Belly & Kids

Spot Mariel!

Great Kids PH

Mariel liked this sparkling black skirt. I remember I used to like the same flashy designs when I was a lot younger.

Mariel loves to go to the fitting room to try the dresses in display. There are skirts, dresses, sleeveless blouses and they are usually made of airy materials. But there are also girly shirts, jeans and short pants to try. So this shop can be a one-stop shop for me specially when they are on sale.

The owners of the shop, as I’ve learned from the staff, are locals and their garment factory helps a number of fellow citizens. It’s nice to know that there are thriving shops which sell quality and locally made garments.  I can attest the quality because the dresses I’ve bought from them did not wear out easily and the colors do not fade for a long time.

Great Kids PH

There are dainty dresses for tiny girls as young as 1 year old.

Great Kids PH

Mommy and Me dresses on display. How I wished I had the figure to wear that one.



Great Kids PH

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