UNIQLO Kids Collection – Stylish, Fun And Practical Clothing For Kids

Posted on Jun 30 2016 - 12:24am by tweenselmom

When there are special occasions when my kids wear dainty dresses, most of the time they like to wear cotton shirts, shorts or pants. I guess they took it from us, their mom and dad, because we also like to dress casually. Here in the Philippines, it’s inevitable to favor loose and cotton clothes because of the weather. And when it’s damp and wet during the rainy season, we just want to wear something uncomplicated, easy to wear but comfortable clothing which can still protect us from the rain.

UNIQLO Kids Collection

I have discovered UNIQLO when they opened in SM Fairview and we were going to HongKong in a cold season. We knew how cold it is in HK and we thought we needed something more comfortable than the jackets we used to bring there. I saw the fleece jackets in UNIQLO and felt them very soft and comfortable over our skin. We all love our UNIQLO jackets and they are durable. Even if I’ve washed them a hundred times already, the color doesn’t fade. Actually, when my kids are sick, they prefer to wear the fleece jacket because they tell me, it makes them feel good.

fun and practical Uniqlo shirts

fun and practical Uniqlo shirts around my kid

Uniqlo jackets

wearing our red and pink Uniqlo fleece jackets which we can’t live without

StarWars Uniqlo

wearing the Uniqlo Star Wars shirts on Father’s Day

Stylish, Fun And Practical

I often visit Uniqlo because their stores always have something that I can bring home to the kids. Even when they are not on a sale, I feel that it’s a wise investment to purchase the kids clothes from them because :

1. their clothes are easy to put on
2. they are easy to wear
3. they are comfortable to wear

Kids love to play a lot. Even my 13 year old daughter still likes to goof and play around with her little sister. It’s a joy to see them able to move freely because they are not being limited by what they wear nor they are conscious that they’ll rip off their clothes if they play too much.

Uniqlo Megamall

dropped by Uniqlo Megamall to check their Kids Collection

Uniqlo Finding Dory

One of the cute Finding Dory apparels for toddlers

Uniqlo Moms

No.1 Items chosen by moms in Uniqlo

Director's Club in Megamall

Director’s Club in Megamall

Lazy Boys In Megamall Director's Club

Lazy Boys In Megamall Director’s Club

Watching Finding Dory

Was so happy sitting in her lazy boy, popcorn and drinks and Finding Dory

Fun And Safe Designs

If your family is fond of wearing your favorite cartoon characters, movie characters or icons, UNIQLO has all these on their clothes. We bought from them shirts with prints of STAR WARS, MARVEL, SNOOPY, HELLO KITTY. Just recently, before we watched a block screening of Finding Dory in SM Megamall’s Director’s Club, my daughter and I had the chance to visit their Megamall branch. There are lots of pretty toddler shirts inside which made me miss the days when my daughters were just those ages. How time flies!

If you haven’t got the chance to see what’s inside a UNIQLO store, try it this week and I’m sure you’ll find something fun, stylish and comfortable for you and your kids.

MOMMY TIP! There are beautiful jeggings in (jeans/leggings) UNIQLO which are so comfy to wear and not that expensive.  I’m sure you’ll love to pair one with a casual shirt or even with semi-formal blouses.

For more information on UNIQLO Kids line, go to UNIQLO Philippines’ website at www.uniqlo.com/ph, Facebook (facebook.com/uniqlo.ph), Twitter (twitter.com/uniqloph) and Instagram(Instagram.com/uniqlophofficial)

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