Jolly Kiddie Meal Ice Age Collision Course Arctic Buddies

Posted on Jul 6 2016 - 12:08pm by tweenselmom

Ice Age Collision Course is now showing in Cinemas and we are just so excited to see again the trio of Manny the mammoth, Diego the saber tooth and Sid the sloth. This is the 5th in the franchise of Ice Age but we still look forward in seeing these guys in action. For the character fans, Jollibee has the Arctic Buddies in the Jolly Kiddie Meal. The best thing about it is that not only will the kids see and collect their favorite Ice Age characters but they can also use them in school. Look at the photos and you’ll know why.

Ice Age - Mandy

Mandy has a notepad beneath him


Ice Age Sid Ballpen

Sid becomes a ballpen


Ice Age Buck

Buck has a stamp beneath him

Ice Age Scrat

Press the button to release Scrat with his acorn

Ice Age Scrat

Scrat’s rocket blast is a sharpener under it

Now, it’s time to watch Ice Age 5! See you in the cinema!


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