How To Remove Oil Stains In Your Child’s Lunch Bag

Posted on Aug 29 2016 - 9:03am by tweenselmom

My eldest is using a bag made of cloth to bring her lunch to school. I washed her lunch bag once through the washing machine but when it dried up, I saw the oil stains were still there. I once thought laundry soap can clean any kind of cloth and dirt but I was wrong. Do you know what helped me?


A dish washing liquid. I told myself, why didn’t I think of that right away? What do you we use to remove oils in your plates but our dish washing liquid, right?

So what I did is I put a generous amount of the dish washing liquid I currently use, Cucina. I used a soft toothbrush to brush away the oil and dirt which were not removed by the washing machine. In a few seconds, the oil stains were gone. I rinsed the bag with running water and hanged it dry.




I’ve read that you can also use shampoo and aloe vera to remove oil stains. Ain’t that cool? I realized that being a mom means knowing simple home hacks like these. You’ll never know how some of the stuff at home can be used in different ways until you see an opportunity to do that.

What about you? Have you tried any home hacks you’d like to share?

Would love to hear from you.



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