Japanese Nerune’s Happy Kitchen – DIY Hamburger Kit

Posted on Sep 1 2016 - 7:06am by tweenselmom

I love weekends when the four of us have free time and freedom to choose how to bond with each other. These times are precious to my husband and I because as the kids grow up, our moments together are getting less and less. We parents get more and more busy with work while the kids are the same with their school projects and their own set of friends. Sometimes, I think of ways how we can bring back the days when my daughters were still younger, when we will watch cartoons, or play board games or just talk about anything under the sun. Sometimes I will bring out our Spongebob CDs, we record songs together, or sometimes, we play Monopoly. Minsan, nakakasawa din so I find some new things we can all work on together.

Recently, we tried out a Japanese DIY Hamburger Kit which my eldest saw in YouTube. I got the kit from one of the stalls in the last Mommy Mundo Clearance Sale at FunRanch. It costed P250 a box which is quite steep but we had so much fun that I decided to blog about it. After all, what we buy are the memories, right?

Skills learned : patience, attention to details, appreciation to your sense of smell, finger skills as you need to cut and mold.


Japanese Nerune's Happy Kitchen - DIY Hamburger Kit

Instructions are written in Japanese but the photos at the back of the box are helpful. You can also check YouTube since you’ll see a lot of step by step guides how to do it.

Japanese Nerune's Happy Kitchen - DIY Hamburger Kit

Don’t lose any item from the box. You are going to use them all.

Japanese Nerune's Happy Kitchen - DIY Hamburger Kit

The containers are made with soft microwaveable plastic and has lines to make it easy to cut.

Japanese Nerune's Happy Kitchen - DIY Hamburger Kit

Each part of the burger should have its own container from the kit so you don’t have to wash anything while you are working.

Japanese Nerune's Happy Kitchen - DIY Hamburger Kit

Cooking will only take seconds inside the microwave.

Japanese Nerune's Happy Kitchen - DIY Hamburger Kit

The potato fries are initially baked as a whole and you’ll have to cut it into strips. My daughter had fun doing all the cutting and the assembly of the food.

Happy Kitchen DIY Hamburger Kit

This is for the patties. You have to mix it for a looong time before you’ll get the exact form for the burger patty.



Happy Kitchen DIY Hamburger Kit

Ate enjoyed fixing everything. I just helped her when she needed me.


My daughter and I had fun playing with these food items. The mini burgers, fries and soda smelled just like the real thing. It’s like we’ve played like bakers and chefs. We even tasted all of them. Well, they tasted a teeny bit real but not so much. I also didn’t like the kids to eat much as we don’t know exactly what the ingredients are made of. They are just play things but they were really fun. I’ve seen kits being sold in weekend sweet stalls such as in Trinoma and UP Town Center.

We are excited to try other DIY kits and I’ll make sure to share them all here. Happy bonding!


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