Why HP Original Inks Are Better Than Refill Inks

Posted on Sep 6 2016 - 3:19am by tweenselmom

We were once refill ink users and it didn’t take much time before we realized that we aren’t really saving a lot. At first, it was fun, being able to print out a lot but within a month or two, my kids projects looked dirty as the ink we used smudged a lot. We also noticed that the colors were not as vivid as we expected. When it was time to refill the ink, it became a bit stressful to remove the cartridges and get our fingers dirty. No wonder that when we went to the refilling station, their place was also dirty with ink.

HP Original Inks used in our printer HP DeskJet 3635 Ink Advantage is a high-quality printer ink unlike refill inks. The colors are sharp just like how we wanted them to be on our documents and projects. We get to save more even when we print high-resolution photos. Printer outputs are always clean and smudge-free.

Hassle and smudge-free printing with HP Original Inks

Hassle and smudge-free printing with HP Original Inks

HP Original Inks

HP Original Inks

HP Ink Cartridges don't leak and the printer stay clean and functioning smoothly

HP Ink Cartridges don’t leak and the printer stay clean and functioning smoothly

 See sample print outs here.

In this YouTube Video, HP Head of Marketing and Design Rob Le Bras-Brown and Chief Inkologist Thom Brown explained how HP Original Ink delivers accuracy and why it works better.

Rob and Thom explained that HP Original Ink cartridges are made of 50% recyclable materials. Materials such as old ink cartridges, water bottles and hangers, instead of being thrown in the trash, are recycled into HP Original Ink cartridges.  Aren’t they cool?

Other features you might want to check and watch :
1. HP Ink resists water (imagine the kids’ projects when they accidentally spilled their juice on it, the ink will hold and will stay the same when you dry up the paper)
2. Prints twice as many pages
3. Prints last and still looks good even after 50 years.

Learn more about HP Original Inks and start saving more on your prints.


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