Chooks-to-Go : Take Home And Delivery Chicken Choice For Moms-On-The-Go #LetsChooksNa

Posted on Oct 31 2016 - 12:25pm by tweenselmom

I’ve ordered Chooks-to-Go the day before we went to the cemetery to visit my Lola. It was a good thing that Food Panda PH was reliable and that I can pre-order the chicken. Although I opted for the pepper roast flavor, Chooks-To-Go called me that they can only deliver the sweet flavored chicken. Maybe because it was already the holidays and pepper roast might be their best-selling chicken.




Chooks-to-Go is a choice for busy moms like me, like for these instances, going to the cemetery requires a lot of tasks on my part, such as preparing the kids and everything we have to bring. But our gatherings can’t happen without chicken. Chooks-to-Go can be bought take-out or can be ordered online/thru phone to be delivered at home. We also choose oven-roasted chicken especially when we have adults because, let’s admit it, while chicken will always prefer fried chicken, most grown-up will choose the “healthier” kind. We also choose Chooks because of the flavor and the tenderness of the meat.

This October, I attended the “Moms- On-the-Go” which was hosted by Mars TV talk show hosts themselves Camille Pratts and Suzi-Entrata Abrera. The event was held to introduce the brand’s newest endorser, who is nonetheless Bossing himself, Vic Sotto. He will be campaigning for the brand and show people that with Chooks, “Hindi ka nag-uuwi ng basta-basta lang na ulam.” I was delighted to see Vic Sotto in person because we watch Eat Bulaga sometimes and my husband is very fond of the old TVJ jokes and jingles. Bossing Vic said that Chooks-to-Go is also his wife’s favorite. “Ito ang practical na ulam, napakalinamnam at sulit sa bulsa.”


Moms-On-The-Go event hosted by Camille Pratts and Suzi Entrata-Abrera


Delamar, the popular radio dj, was a segment guest and she showed how passionate she is as a mother and how she loves Chooks to Go #LetsChooksNa


Bossing Vic Sotto launched as the new endorser of Chooks-to-Go #LetsChooksNa

It was nice that the brand chose to target the moms. I believe that in most Filipino families, we are still the main decision makers especially when it comes to food. Ronald Ricaforte Mascarinas, president of Bounty Agro Ventures, Inc. (BAVI) said that they want to provide on-the-go moms with an affordable special take-home ‘ulam’ option.

I agree that Chooks-to-go is quite affordable with its P210 price ( as per the price I paid using FoodPandaPH). The size of the chicken is what you will expect for its price, the chicken is delivered warm and ready to eat. It’s delicious already even without any sauce.


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