Make Your Kids Fortified And Hydrated During Summer

Posted on Mar 28 2017 - 2:59pm by tweenselmom

Summer is the happiest season for our kids. They have all the time to sleep, play, and have fun with their friends and family. Unfortunately, our vacation season also falls in the hottest times of the year. It’s very easy to be dehydrated without us noticing it. Germs and bacteria are also more proactive during hot and humid season. If you will notice, we are more prone to diarrhea during summer. So how do we protect, fortify and keep our kids hydrated during summer? My tip is, just don’t forget these three things. If possible, always keep a healthy stock of these in your refrigerator and your child’s backpack if he or she is going on a trip.


At home, I always have a pitcher of water and a glass on our dining table. This is to encourage everybody to drink water whenever it is possible. I noticed that it really increased our water intake when I did this, instead of just keeping the pitcher inside the refrigerator. I think that whenever we see water, our body’s natural reaction is to want to drink that water. So I use a big, clear pitcher and I don’t mind replenishing it with water again and again whenever I see it empty.  When we go out, the four of us bring our own water bottles and we bring them along inside our bags.

Our bodies need at least 2 liters a day and more during the hot weather. It will be difficult to reach this amount without conscious effort. So make water available to you as much as possible.

Fruits and Fruit Snacks

Fruits are abundant and much cheaper on summers. I see a lot of watermelons, mangoes, cantaloupes, apples, grapes and strawberries. These fruits aren’t only rich in liquid but as you know, nutritious too. These sweet fruits give more energy to our kids and this energy is needed for rigorous activities such as: playing basketball, badminton, swimming and the likes. Fruits in different forms will also be

Fruits in other forms such as canned fruits are also nutritious and can provide nutrients like the fresh ones. The advantage of canned fruits is that we can store them longer and they are already to be prepared when you decide to make fruit salads or crema de fruta.


Like water and fruits, vitamin supplements are important to provide the missing nutrients your child’s growing body needs. Even the most complete menu that we can prepare may still lack the needed vitamins and minerals to fortify our children against sickness. Up until now that my kids are grown up, I make them drink Nutri10 syrup. It contains Zinc, Taurine, Lyzine, CGF or Chlorella Growth Factor and these are all energy-giving and disease-protecting types of minerals. Don’t lose the box when you buy

Don’t lose the box when you buy Nutri10 or any bottled vitamins so that you can easily pack it inside your bags when you go on a trip. Sometimes the wrappings on the bottle easily peel off when they get wet. It’s hard to identify a bottle without the wrap but it won’t be a problem if you are able to save the box. The box also contains information which may come in handy during emergencies or if your child’s medical intake history is required.

This summer, keep your family stay hydrated and healthy. Just keep these three things in mind and in your bags and your summer vacation will be off to a good start.

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