A Mom’s 5-Step Quick Mood Lifter

Posted on Sep 18 2017 - 9:28am by tweenselmom

Feeling anxious, envious, sad and lonely are all routinary and part of my daily life. Don’t think that it’s only you. Everyone of us, even the happiest and most successful woman in the world experience this. Don’t think that it’s sour graping at the same time. Nobody has a perfect life. Even that sexiest mom I’ve just seen in Facebook, who had just been in a cruise with her rich husband, and very pretty children, must have felt empty in some days. We all struggle and we all feel that somehow, we lack here and there.

In the exact minutes that I feel all these negativities, I do these five things. They give me enough time to pause and refrain from breaking down.

  1. Pray and ask for help by saying these words to yourself : ” Dear Lord, help me overcome these feelings.”
  2. Then after saying those words, close your eyes and empty your mind. Just stop thinking anything and breathe deeply for 5 seconds.
  3. Open your eyes, reach for a hairbrush and comb your hair (even without a mirror in front of you).
  4. After combing, drink a cup of clean, tap water (cold water for some).
  5. Some of the negativities were washed away, and so the last thing I do is find something pretty or attractive or happy (like a happy photo of my family, a cute puppy, a pretty blooming flower in the garden) and look at it for a generous time of at least 5 minutes.
Combing Therapy

In Chinese medicine, there is what you call Combing Therapy. They say that combing the scalp calms the mind.

Water makes us calm.

Water makes us calm and more creative. Environmental psychologists agree that water brings us to a calmer and more meditative state.

After you do all these, you’ll feel some weight lifted from your shoulders. Be ready and get active in finishing what needs to be done for the day.

My point in all these is that, you need to remove yourself from toxic feelings. Don’t dwell on them because the world will not change no matter how you rant, fret or be gloomy. Sometimes, we just have to let it be and do what we do best.

Most moms I know have different ways of coping and fighting negative feelings. If you have your mood-lifter tips, will be glad to read yours in your comments below.


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