2018 Blog Resolution : Inspire, Discover And Make Memories

Posted on Jan 1 2018 - 11:19am by tweenselmom

As the year 2017 ends, I had the urge to pause and recheck where my blog is in terms of the purpose and value I’ve once set when I created it. I’ve written my first blog Feb 2014 so I will be celebrating my 4th blog anniversary this Feb 2018.

I can say that my 4 years of blogging was a joy ride and it definitely changed my life, not only as a mom, but also as a wife and as a person. It’s not simply about the blog opportunities I was able to experience, the people that I’ve met and the friends I made, but I realized that blogging made me more aware of my potentials and more empowered with all the information I was exposed to. But the most important thing for me to realize is that, all these past experiences were like small triumphs for me, now that I see my daughters slowly transforming to become young adults. They are regular teens like most normal young people but I always choke with happiness seeing them happy, healthy and strong mentally and emotionally.

tweenselmom parenting tweens young female

This year and the coming years, I’d like to take it a notch higher by writing more things about the following:

  1. improving family relations and parenting female young adults
  2. boosting confidence in life and renewing faith
  3. the joys of motherhood, putting more priority in family life and not giving up and abandoning children no matter what
  4. discovering new things on how to inspire our daughters in their studies, physical development and finding their own selves
  5. discovering new places to enjoy with the family
  6. cooking: more cookbook reviews, improving myself as a home cook, more advanced techniques in cooking and baking
  7. learning new things to empower your self ( like learning a new skill )
  8. reviewing new brands and products which advocate self confidence and healthy lifestyle

tweenselmom parenting tweens young female

As new things unfold this year, I’ll be happy to share more in this blog with one thing on my mind: to make the information uplifting and lasting. I wish them to be useful now but more so in decades to come. I wish my daughters to be able to read them now but more so help them decide wisely in the years to come, may they be about simple cooking, about their future careers or even about their future family.

I’m excited about all these and I wish you the same enthusiasm to life and new discoveries this coming New Year. I pray to the Lord that through his power and mercy, that He will give us all the longest and healthiest years, that you may all be able to enjoy life while you visit my blog once in a while. See you again soon on my next article.

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