Why Trim Your Daughter’s Hair?

Posted on Jan 2 2018 - 12:40pm by tweenselmom

One day before the school weeks start again this 2018, my daughter requested for a hair trim. As you can see in her photo, she has long, straight hair, and in her age of just a little older than 10, she is already keen in taking care of her hair. I agreed to her and told her that we will find an affordable salon in the mall so she can have her hair shampooed and trimmed.

Why is trimming your hair or your daughter’s hair important ?

Others say that trimming the hair will make it longer but contrary to that, since trimming doesn’t have anything to do with the scalp or the hair roots, this belief is not true. But trimming the hair means removing the older parts of the hair including the split ends and this will encourage growth of new and healthier hair.



If you have your hair trimmed in the salon, they also use premium shampoo and conditioner in there, which will actually be good to your daughter’s scalp. You don’t need to buy those expensive salon brand shampoos. My daughter loves the pampering experience, where the staff shampoo and rinse her hair, and a little bit of the massage. Then the staff blow dry her hair, trims the ends of it, and style a little bit. I won’t be able to pamper her like this at home. For P210 in Freshaire Salon, I think I can indulge her with this. I’ve read that trimming can be done at least once every 4 months the longest.

Having a good-looking and well-maintained hair can add confidence to young girls. I am not teaching her to be obsessive or too vain but I think going to the salon once in a while for some proper trimming will teach her a lot in good grooming.

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