Nutri10Plus Syrup Is My Back-up For My Kids Nutritional Needs

Posted on Nov 17 2015 - 1:27am by tweenselmom

I have very good reasons why I buy vitamin supplements for my daughters. I know that I even if I do my best as a mom to provide the most complete meals, I will still miss some of the essential vitamins the kids need daily. And there are several reasons why that happen, so I  really don’t put all the blame to myself for that.

1. Sometimes, they really don’t like to eat or they have poor appetite. Ayaw ko ng pilitan as much as I don’t want people forcing me to eat if I am not in the mood.

2. There are times when they need some types of vitamins more than they need them on other days. For example, they need more vitamin C because they are stressed at school or many of their classmates have flu. So you need to consider adding more disease-fighting vitamins.

3. Sometimes I let them indulge with unhealthy food with me, LOL. For example, we eat more chips and popcorn when it’s movie day, or sometimes, we have soft drink more than we should, like when there are parties at home or when we are out in restaurants.

All of these reasons I know aren’t good for the kids but I give in sometimes because I know we enjoy these things together. I wouldn’t miss the fun.


Why Take Vitamin Supplements

Preparing healthy, balanced meals is still the way to go to if you want to provide complete nutrients for your family AND multivitamins should never be an alternative to healthy eating and lifestyle. But I think as parents, we are allowed to give some leeway or allowance to our parenting. For me, it is impossible to calculate and monitor our children’s nutritional needs and be perfect in keeping them filled-up.

Nutri10Plus Syrup is my support or alalay. Because it contains the right vitamins for my tweens (Zinc, Taurine, Lyzine, CGF), and my daughters seldom get sick even in the worst seasons, I had been quite confident of my choice.

*Wert Philippines provided me a supply of Nutri10Plus Syrup but everything written here was from true experience.

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