How To Deal With A Star Wars Toy Collector Husband

Posted on Jun 22 2015 - 2:18am by tweenselmom

What will you do if you have a husband who is an avid toy collector? I guess your answer will be that it will depend if you have the money.

Well, guess what, we don’t have that much money. And so it took me a couple of years and several fights before I was able to accept the fact that indeed, this is my husband’s happiness. I guess most housewives will agree with me (unless you are a toy collector yourself) that seeing your husband fill up your house or his toy room with toys can’t be that easy to understand. It seems that these toys will only be “toys”, “playthings” and they don’t deserve that kind of money to be invested to.

But over the years, however, my husband turned my heart soft. How?


1. I was able to realize that his collection really makes him happy. Whenever he has a new Star Wars toy, a new shirt, or anything which has the Star Wars logo on it, his mood easily warms up. He even created his own blog, Steve’s Toy Room, to review his toys and my, he is one better blogger compared to me when it comes to his stuff. Who am I to take away this kind of happiness from him?

2. My daughters and I learned to love his collections too because we loved the Star Wars movies where the toys were based from. We don’t get tired of watching the whole series over and over again. There are many times when we talk about the movies and the stories over dinner or when we go out.

3. I also realized that my husband works for the money he spend when he has something he really wants to buy. And before he buys, he makes sure that we get to eat first. And that I get to buy what I want also.  Sometimes, temptations really come to him but I always remind him to keep himself checked. Worse comes to worst, I know also that he will still choose me over his toys.

ToyCon Philippines 2015

This Father’s Day, we had a great time at the ToyCon held at Megamall Trade Center. This event is being held annually and I’ve heard that it has been that way for more than a decade. Though we hardly buy toys there, except for my husband of course who pre-ordered something already, we enjoy going there just to see the toy exhibits, the huge statues, the cosplayers, getting some freebies, and doing some window shopping.

As feedback to the ToyCon organizers, for me, the entrance of P150 may be ok, but I hope that they give some categories for the payers. For example, there should be less fees for kids or for moms like me, or maybe give promos like Buy 2 Take 1 tickets. Or if not these, they can maybe add more freebies to the attendees. Overall, I think they are doing a good job on these events.

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  1. kk January 13, 2016 at 9:24 pm - Reply

    my husband also collects toys all kinds not just star wars but trantsformers and gundoms and others. my husband spends every day in his toy room from the time he gets home from work till we go to bed. me and my husband have been together for five years we have three kids together. his collection started sodently a little over a year ago. and boom we have 1000 amd 1000 of dollars woth of toys. i sound like a bad wife but i cant handle them i really cant. he spends every dime we own on these toys. he says i pay the bills isnt that good enough? anytime i bring it up to him his response is i gave you a house and a car. witch i am so greatful for but i i dont know what els i want. i dont dont know what els to do. i love my husband and i know he loves me but i dont think he would chose me over the toys. :[ i know i shouldnt as him to chose and iv threatend me leaving many times. but he dont seem to care or take me seresly. iv tryed compermizing with him and setting a price each week to spend. and i just catch him lieing to me then. iv tryed how ever much he spends he has to put an = amount up,. but he dont. im at the end here and i cant find anyone that knows what im talking about to talk to. i am so upset. i love him so much. but the toys have taken over.. i want him to be my super hero. i want him to let me know im more important. i want to feel butterflys again. all we do is fight any more. we can never agree on anything. i feel like this is do to me being deaply mad at him for this. i know i cant ask him to get rid of the toys but how can i learn to deal with it? is it me or is it? am i wrong?? my mom says im over reacting if all our bills are paid there is no problem but i get so mad and i cant help it. it takes everything i got to not smash a box that comes in the mail for him. i feel crazy but i dont know what to do. i love him and dont want a divorce but im starting to think thats all thats left.

    • TweenselMom January 13, 2016 at 11:23 pm - Reply

      Hi KK, it’s nice meeting you here. When I’ve read your long comment, I tell you, I can relate with you. Although I don’t know the extent of the problem which seems to be happening with you and your husband, I tell you that I’ve felt that way before. I become frustrated whenever my husband buys a new Star Wars toy (he also buys other kinds of toys aside from that), I feel bad and tell him words. But then after some time, we talked together and we realized that it will really need some work out between the two of us. It will always be two way. The key will always be communication, no matter how hard that will be. For some moments, you may try stop looking at the toys and think maybe you can have more things to have in common. Like for me, I don’t like his toys, but we both love the movies and the characters, and the kids too. So we started watching together, talking together, and then when he saw that we are with him in some ways, he also supported me in some of my OWN hobbies (it will help to have your own hobbies too or passion). But then again, I don’t know much of how it is really going on in there with you. There’s nothing wrong feeling a bit overwhelmed when you think there are more important stuff to spend your money on, but what I realized is, that we need to think how important these stuff these are to them, no matter how childish that may be, LOL. In any case, just feel free to drop by and comment. Have a nice day.

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