Nutri10Plus Multivitamins – My Final Say About This Brand

Posted on Aug 15 2015 - 1:18pm by tweenselmom

I’ve been giving my kids Nutri10Plus Syrup for three months and I can conclude that this is one vitamin brand moms with growing kids should give a try. And here are the major reasons why.


1. Nutritional value

This vitamin contains the most important minerals my growing kids need in order to perform well in school. It also has CGF, Taurine, Zinc and Lysine to make my kids taller and stronger.

2. Made my kids more active

Any mom would love to see her kids as active as they can be even after school. When kids don’t get the proper nourishment, they tend to get sleepy after school hours and they don’t have enough energy to finish their school home works or even play. Thanks to the food that I pack for them for lunch and their vitamins, they are still very much awake and lively after school hours.

3. Made my kids skin healthy and smooth

To keep my kids’ skin healthy and smooth, I prepare food rich with Vitamin A, C and Zinc. All of these promote healthy skin. Aside from doing my best to prepare healthy food daily, I give my kids supplement which replenishes their requirement for these kinds of vitamins.

Mutri10Plus ontains all these vitamins that they need. 5ml already provide more than 100% of my kid’s requirements for the day as per RENI Recommended Energy and Nutrient Intakes (RENI).

4. Makes me feel confident that they get enough nutrients specially on those times when I am too busy to cook. Well, I don’t say it’s the proper attitude, but there are times when I really am not in the mood to cook or I just want to order fast food.

Aside from all these values health-wise, Nutri10Plus tastes good and price is easy on the wallet. I am just glad that Wert Philippines gave me the opportunity to try out this brand of multivitamins.



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