Great Taste White Coffee Choose To Be Great Media Launch #GTChooseToBeGreat

Posted on May 12 2016 - 7:07am by tweenselmom

My husband and I love to drink Great Taste White Coffee so when I got an invitation to a Great Taste event, I immediately signed up. I was curious to meet the new celebrity endorser of this coffee brand, knowing that this personality should love the same coffee that we drink.

The theme of the event was Choose To Be Great. It was held at the Crown Plaza in Ortigas, Pasig City and the highlight was the soon to be released video campaign featuring the matinee idol John Lloyd Cruz. The video shows how Great Taste and John Lloyd show respect and admiration to the little acts of greatness Filipinos show in their daily lives.

Great Taste Choose To Be Great

Great Taste Choose To Be Great – Being great means helping others achieve their own greatness

Great Taste Choose To Be Great

Great Taste White Pop-Up Lounge – The ballroom had these 2 lounges where you can order hot or cold Great Taste White coffee.

I don’t know much about John Lloyd Cruz except a little about his love life. When I saw him for the first on stage in this event, he smiled shyly and he was so charming with his dimples. I thought he is the perfect “boy-next-door” type. But I saw how accomplished this man is and I’ve read about his properties already accumulated from his career. But still, he remains humble about all of these. That is maybe his secret why he stays as one of the sought-after actors, that he knows he is great but still remained down to earth and acknowledging his shortcomings. Great Taste Coffee chose well.

Great Taste Choose To Be Great

Charming pretty boy, a great actor himself, John Lloyd Cruz is the new endorser of Great Taste White Coffee

Great Taste Choose To Be Great

JLC or Lloydie shows admiration to Filipino talent in this commercial

Great Taste Choose To Be Great John Lloyd Cruz

John Lloyd mesmerizes the viewers in this Great Taste White Coffee TV Ad

Apart from John Lloyd, media guests were treated to various activities that showcased Great Taste’s celebration of the Filipino’s everyday greatness. Gift certificates and hotel staycation were also given as prizes. Great Taste Coffee brand owner Universal Robina Corporation (URC) knows how to make people feel good and great, just perfect for the name of the brand. I wish that I’d be able to participate in more of their events.

Great Taste Choose To Be Great

Of course, I was able to bring home dozens of Great Taste Coffee variants (Great Taste White Smooth & Creamy, Great Taste White Smooth and Chocolatey which is currently my favorite, Great Taste Original 3 in 1, and Great Taste Premium Pure Instant Coffee)

True, we can all choose to be great in our own ways. Just like John Lloyd when he said that he chooses to be great just by being himself, giving all his best and presenting himself to the world, I choose to make myself great by becoming the best woman I want to be, a great friend, a great wife and a great mom. As simple as these tasks may be, I am sure I am able to make the people around me happy. I try to avoid making people feel less about themselves because it is our duty to uplift others. In the end, all good things will be reciprocated by our good Lord in heaven.

I choose to be a great Mom!

I choose to be a great Mom! You? How do you choose to be great? #GTChooseToBeGreat

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