Sure Way To Make Your Kids Eat Breakfast

Posted on Sep 16 2016 - 5:11am by tweenselmom

Having the kids eat breakfast very early in the morning was a daily feat for me. I tried different strategies just to avoid me nagging on them daily to have something to eat before going to school.

Sure Way To Make Your Kids Eat Breakfast2

Some of my strategies which all FAILED were :

1. Cooking their favorite food (you know how kids are, they love hotdogs and chicken and nuggets) – BUT they can’t just eat these kinds of food everyday so I had to find another way.

2. Open the tv while they eat – I thought this will make them stay at the table and eat. What happened is that they just watched tv and ignored their food.

3. Let them shower first before eating breakfast – I thought when they are awake enough after showering, they will appreciate the food better. Nope.

4. Tell them that we are doing all these sacrifices of waking up very early just to prepare breakfast for them and that it disappoints me that they won’t finish their food. This helped for a day or two but after that, we are back again in forcing them to eat.

5. Serve very small portions. I tried serving half of slice bread or half a cup of rice for their breakfast, but mind you, they still end up having left-overs as if they didn’t touch the food at all.

Now, can you relate with me already?

brekfast 2

No matter how hefty or delicious food maybe, kids will still prefer company when they eat.

I thought this will go on forever but one day, my prayers paid off. I found a surefire way to have my kids eat breakfast, willingly and sometimes voraciously. It was simple although it required a little more sacrifice on my side.

The tip : Eat with them. Yes! My husband and I usually eat together after the kids were off from home. But these days, I prepare breakfast very early for the four of us. And we all have breakfast daily, together. Kids love it when they eat with mom and dad and we noticed that they go to school happy when they are able to eat and talk to us before their school bus arrive. Even the most delicious and royalty breakfast won’t be able to beat a meal with your whole family. Don’t forget also that prayer before breakfast can fortify our bodies, our hearts and our spirits. So if you are having problems with your kids not eating breakfast, try my tip!


Having breakfast together is a good opportunity to pray together before meals and enjoy the company of each other, make small happy talks before each member do the works for the day.


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