MetroDeal Sir George Salon Rebond Voucher – Is it worth it?

Posted on Dec 26 2017 - 11:26am by tweenselmom

The only way for me to make my hair look presentable on Christmas and New Year is to have it colored and rebonded. I have a friend who owns a salon and offers home service but this year, I decided to try a more affordable alternative. So I got myself a MetroDeal voucher offered by Sir George Salon for a hair rebond which costed P999 instead of P4000 (credits to Sir George salon for the photo in Facebook and in this blog). I’ve tried using vouchers from MetroDeal before so I thought why not do it again. I had to get my needed hair fix before our Mommy Bloggers Philippines Christmas party.

MetroDeal voucher Sir George Salon

MetroDeal voucher Sir George Salon

this was how my "before" hair looked like

this was how my “before” hair looked like

I called the number of Sir George Salon written in the voucher and the staff answered and scheduled me. But I wasn’t able to go as scheduled, as usual, you know. What I did, the pasaway me, I went there one day and asked if I can already avail the voucher. But they had to reschedule me again on the next day because they said they don’t accept walk-ins. They told me also that I can PM their Facebook page but I actually did it previously, but no one answered to me.

I went early on the day they scheduled me. I was there opening time of SM Fairview 11AM. Since the voucher I got was for rebond only, I opted to add Brazilian keratin blowdry for P1299 which was also in promo, worth P5000 originally. Usually, when I have my hair rebonded at home, I also request for a cellophane treatment. But I’ve already tried a Brazilian blowout last time and it really made my hair soft and more enduring from the chemicals. So all in all, I paid P2,299 after the treatment, with the hair coloring included.

My hair days after the rebond treatment

I bought lunch in a nearby Jollibee before I had my hair worked out. The whole process took 5 hours so it was a right decision to bring food. Good thing they allow food inside the parlor. But next time, I’d rather eat heavy before having my hair rebonded. It was a hassle eating fries and burger in the parlor, not to mention the food were already cold by the time I wanted to eat. They’ve got good airconditioning so make sure to bring a sweater if you feel cold easily like me.

My hair during the MBP Christmas party

The staff who worked on my hair was a guy but he was good. I’m not the type who usually makes small talk so I did not get his name. He was courteous and I was comfortable with him. The last process where he was putting some coloring treatment, it was so painful on my scalp and he immediately rinsed my hair. You see, I have open pores on my scalp because I have severe flaking caused by my hormonal imbalance. But if the color is applied only on the hair shafts, there will be no problem with me. So if you have dandruff or scalp problems, expect the coloring treatment to hurt if it touches your scalp. But you can request the staff to be more careful with your treatment or request if they have colors which will be appropriate for sensitive scalp.

My hair last Christmas eve

My hair last Christmas eve

So, was it worth it? I can say yes. I was satisfied with how my hair looked after being rebonded and I also love the Golden Blonde color I chose from their color palette. The price was more affordable. In the personal rebond service I get previously, I pay P1,800 for rebond and cellophane treatment and I pay for the water and electricity because it’s at my house. In Sir George Salon, I pay P2,300 and I already get a Brazilian keratin blowout, and everything is done inside a fully air-conditioned salon.

But for a more luxurious but well-worth it salon treatment and pampering where you will feel like a VIP, I’d still recommend Nouvelle Salon and if you’ll read my blog post here, you’ll know why.


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