Leann’s Tea House – Enjoying Korean Food With Good Company

Posted on May 27 2014 - 6:49am by tweenselmom

    Dark-wood chairs and tables give Leann’s Tea House an intimate feel for an afternoon lunch. I knew that I was in for a treat as soon as I got over the last step of the stairs to their 2nd floor main dining as I smelled the aromas of sweet spices filling the room.

    table buddies

    Some of my beautiful table buddies on my first visit to Leann’s Tea House 🙂

    Concealed within the busy streets of Mother Ignacia in Quezon City is a charming tea house which appears simple and yet inviting. The color of green and orange paints of the building reminded me of the colors of Korean food I often see when I look at my favorite glossy food magazines.


    Photo courtesy of Mommy Pinky Cuaycong of http://okasaneko.wordpress.com

    As soon as I saw the faces of my table buddies that day, I felt comfortable and relieved being able to escape the burning heat of the sun outside. I busied myself saying hi and hellos. After a few minutes, while still chatting with a fellow on how peaceful the place seems to be, the friendly staff with a ready smile on her face gave us the menu.

    I saw a wide array of set meals, soups, smoothies and of tea. Each item listed seems to be more tempting than the next

    For a starter, I tried their their Doenjangjjigae Soup. As tongue-twisting as the name is, the soup was a comfortingly hot mixture of different kind of seafood with the smoky taste of anchovies.


    Doenjangjjigae Soup

    After the tasty seafood soup, I helped myself in digging in a bowl of their Bibimbap. Leann’s Bibimbap is very traditional. The meat and vegetable topping over soft, and warm, white rice made me feel already at peace for my lunch. And yet, I’m only halfway through the meal.



    I was lucky enough that there are Tonkatsu Kimbap left on the plate for me. My table buddies who were with me were so fond of this crunchy and filling dish that I told myself I got to grab at least three pieces before the whole plate is gone!


    This tonkatsu was a hot item, they were was so hot they were gone in an instant!

    First time to try a Kimchi! (forgot to get a photo, I must have been too carried away by my excitement) I have always been curious of how it tastes like since I heard so much about it and have seen so many bottled versions being sold outside. LeeAnn’s Kimchi is a great in-betweener with the other dishes on the table. It’s a spicy condiment which gives my mouth that kind of circus when the crispy vegetables mix with the taste of various spices I do not know of. If you are fond of eating “binuro” or fermented mango or singkamas, Kimchi can be similar to that except that it’s not sour and the ingredients are mainly vegetables.

    This red spicy chicken is bursting with flavor and you’ll ruin your diet when you order this. It was just perfect with rice just as it is.

    spicy chicken

    Spicy Chicken

    And then comes the super tasty, sweet and mouth-watering Beef Galbi short ribs. The ribs were cooked in front of us and I can still imagine the smell of cooked meat. It was cooked and done nicely I couldn’t help eating even if I burn my mouth.


    Sizzling, sweet, delicious Galbi


    Mommy Pinky got busy cooking our Galbi.

    If you are with a group, you should definitely order Leann’s Shabu-Shabu. It was a fiesta of crispy vegetables, potatoes, mushroom, pork, crabmeat balls, and so much more within a bowl of delicious broth! I’ve tried both the spicy and regular broth and they were both good, just that the spicy one gives that extra oomph.

    waiting to boil

    waiting for the broth to boil


    No soup can go wrong with fresh ingredients.


    can’t help giggling as I try the shabu-shabu 🙂

    choose spicy or regular

    red broth if you want your soup with some kick, clear soup is equally delicious

    preparing the soup

    The glass of Soju Cosmopolitan I ordered for my drink is delicious I struggled to keep myself from ordering another one. It’s a cranberry-orange cocktail with a bit of an alcohol. I took note of this drink the next time we dine maybe for dinner.


    I tried so hard not to order another glass of this delicious concoction (Soju Cosmopolitan)


    a refreshing glass of Tropical Four Seasons


    the popular Paradise Passion (peanut butter, banana, vanilla, oreo all in one)

    To cap our lunch and to seal Leann’s as one of my noted Korean restaurants, we were served fresh slices of watermelon, my favorite summer fruit. Leann’s manager told us that they usually offer complimentary dessert for diners. Yep, I am taking note of that.


    sweet watermelon for dessert! maasukal pa!

    The day couldn’t end without of course, tasting their tea because it’s a tea house  We were offered different kinds of tea but the one which made its mark for me is the Jujube tea. It’s a slightly sweet tea which tasted of red sugar and because I’m a sweet-toothed person, nothing beats a sweet tea other than this one I’ve tasted.


    this sweet citrus tea can easily be anyone’s favorite

    jujube tea

    Jujube tea is more of my taste because it’s sweet reminding me of my favorite muscovado sugar :-)

    My first visit to Leann’s Tea House exceeded all my expectations mainly because of a number of reasons: good company, great food, warm people all in one spot.

    Leann’s Tea House opens Tue – Sun: 11:00 am – 2:00 pm, 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm

    Address: 105r Mother Ignacia 1100 Quezon City, Philippines. I think it’s a 5 minute drive max from St. Paul church.

    Leann’s FB Page

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