Have A Kiddie Party To The Max With Max’s Restaurant’s Fun Party Themes

Posted on Aug 9 2017 - 2:55am by tweenselmom

I’m all for fun kiddie parties, may they be grand or simple. For me, the memories of being with your friends, your parents and relatives, in your birthday, do last forever. I, for example, my father and mother separated when I was five years old, so no parent to give me these kinds of parties. But my Lola who took care of me, would always cook pancit and gather our neighbor kids in front of our house, and there we would have these small parties. I would wear my beatiful dress and I was always happy to be with my little friends. You see, those memories last forever.

So, if you are a parent, and you have means and you can afford it, give your child a party, even once, for his or her birthday. Max’s Restaurant has the nicest themes AND function rooms for you to celebrate.

Last Sunday, we were lucky to be invited to Chickie Boy’s birthday party. Chickie Boy is Max’s Restaurant mascot chicken and he is cute, and all the kids who attended the party surely had fun at the party Max’s Restaurant had given him.  Who wouldn’t? There were fun activities like crown making, photo opportunities with a princess, basketball shooting, and lots of FOOD and sweets (Krispy Kreme, Sorbetero, Jamba Juice, Cake Pops). Of course, Max’s Restaurant famous chicken!

Entrance of the function room at Max's Restaurant Scout Tuason QC.

Entrance of the function room at Max’s Restaurant Scout Tuason QC.

Max’s Restaurant in Scout Tuason in Quezon City is a huge place and it has several function rooms in which you can choose for your party. The one where we celebrated was huge and if my estimate is correct, it can accommodate at least 200-300 persons max. My eldest daughter was ecstatic to think that it’s possible that we can have her debut (5 years from now) at this place. She said she wanted to have a princess party and that she wishes to wear a light pink gown. I don’t know, she’s still too young, but I do hope that if ever she still wishes to have the party at Max’s, we’ll be able to give it to her.

Party theme cakes you can choose from for your child's birthday party.

Party theme cakes you can choose from for your child’s birthday party.

Mariel, our princess, with Max's Restaurant princess in pink.

Mariel, our princess, with Max’s Restaurant princess in pink.

Nothing like having Max's chicken in a party.

Nothing like having Max’s chicken in a party.

The kids sang with Chickie Boy as he blew his birthday candle.

The kids sang with Chickie Boy as he blew his birthday candle.

Check Max’s Restaurant Party Themes. If you happen to have other themes in mind, Max’s Restaurant mentioned that they can try to accommodate your wish!

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